Hyper Socks, the latest in the running sock line from Resocks by Remarkable, has officially launched with the mission of bringing you a great running experience. Specially designed for runners, with special features and outstanding quality, Hyper Socks will be a reliable companion in every step of your run. So what’s special about Hyper Socks?!

Optimal design for running

Excellent breathability

Hyper Socks are designed with breathable mesh and vented areas, along with quick-drying fibers, to help keep feet dry and comfortable throughout your run.

Perfect protection for toes

Innovative design with strategically “reinforced” cushioning areas at the toe and heel, Hyper Socks help prevent hole wear, minimize friction and external impacts, and are suitable for movement and pressure specific to runners.


Designed to hug the foot

Hyper Socks running socks have separate designs for left and right feet, creating a snug fit that follows the natural shape of each foot. This helps reduce friction, providing maximum comfort and efficiency when running, especially during long runs.


Minimize injuries caused by friction

Hyper Socks are made with soft and elastic material, helping to minimize friction and pressure on the skin of the feet. The product is also designed with stitchless Seamless technology, combined with protective cushioning areas, helping to avoid injury problems and enhance comfort, bringing the best running experience for you.


Grip 3D dots – Increase grip

This special feature is implemented by using Grip 3D dots at “strategic” positions, helping to enhance the foot’s grip and friction with the shoe surface when running.


Protects the Achilles tendon

The design of sufficient elastic support around the cuff and arch helps Hyper Socks hug and protect the Achilles tendon – the most important point of the foot. This helps reduce the risk of injury and provides maximum comfort when running.


Stylish and personalized design

Hyper Socks are not only high-quality running products, but also a style icon for the active running community. We offer a variety of colors so you can confidently create your own style while running.
Hyper Socks are currently available in 4 colors: Neon Green, Cobalt Blue, White and Black, giving you every style from simple to ‘cool’.


With Hyper Socks, you will experience every step of your run safer and easier than ever before. Don’t hesitate, visit the website https://resocks.vn/ today to discover the breakthrough of Hyper Socks and learn more about the other great products we offer. We are committed to bringing you the best experience and quality.
“Hyper Socks Running Socks – A Winner’s Choice!”

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