If you’re still wondering where to go this April 30th holiday, let Re.socks suggest you the Top 10 hot-trend holiday destinations this year! Location near Saigon, convenient for transportation and guaranteed fun!!


1. Suoi Mo tourist area

Suoi Mo tourist area is only about 30km from Saigon, this is a great April 30 tourist destination for young people. There are dozens of small streams pouring out of the cliffs here. Then it stagnates in a low area to create a beautiful lake. The lush green mountains and forests with majestic waterfalls are waiting for you to explore.



Ticket prices are quite reasonable compared to the general average, about 40k/adult, 30k/child. Food is available at quite affordable prices, with a variety of dishes for you to choose from. A small note is that you are not allowed to bring food or drinks into the tourist area, so you don’t need to prepare too much.
At Suoi Mo Resort, you can freely experience water cycling, kayaking, swimming, BBQ parties,…


2. Dai Nam Van Hien eco-tourism area

Dai Nam Van Hien paradise in Binh Duong province is 467 hectares wide, and is a tourist area full of amenities. You can stay overnight at luxury hotels inside Dai Nam Tourist Area and directly witness dramatic racing scenes at Dai Nam Racetrack. You will definitely be overwhelmed by the beautiful scenery, temples, mountains, rivers and lakes, and magnificent architectural works here.
Inside Lac Canh Dai Nam area, there are also very attractive thrilling games. In particular, there is a clear artificial beach just like the beautiful beaches in Phu Quoc, Nha Trang,… for you to comfortably check in and live virtually.

3. Zenna Pool Camp camping area

Zenna Pool Camp is a “popular” camping area for young people. Located near the Coastal Road, the Zenna Pool Camp camping area is 6.5 hectares wide, surrounded by windswept poplar forest all year round. Coming here, you only need to take a few steps to immerse yourself in the clear blue sea water. Wherever you go on April 30, come camp here with a group of friends. Surely you will have an extremely impressive holiday.

The sea here is considered much cleaner than Vung Tau because it has not been exploited much and has not welcomed a large number of tourists. Here, you can participate in activities such as camping, campfires, swimming, group activities on the beach or under the canopy. In the evening, the lights in the campsite are turned on, illuminating the entire area, allowing you to freely set up BBQ tables on the windy beach to play with friends and play games on the beach.
The entrance fee to the campsite for 1 day is 50,000 VND/person, while 2 days 1 night is 80,000 VND/person. Both cost-effective and close, enjoying nature, sunshine and coastal winds, it’s worth experiencing!
4. Buu Long tourist area
Buu Long tourist area is about 6km from Bien Hoa city of Dong Nai province. This is one of the places to go on April 30th extremely close to Saigon. Buu Long eco-tourism area has a large scale, planned just like a miniature Ha Long in the heart of the city.
Buu Long is also a great entertainment, sightseeing, and resting area during holidays for groups of friends, families, and couples. Coming here, you can enjoy taking virtual photos with mountain scenery, large lakes, majestic buildings, beautiful flower gardens, love bridges across the vast lake, boating, duck riding…
5. Tre Viet tourist village
To celebrate April 30 near Saigon, you can go to Tre Viet Tourist Village. Inspired by bamboo trees, the symbol of the persistent and indomitable spirit of the Vietnamese people. Tre Viet tourist village has a very interesting folk style.
Coming here, you can play kayaking games, complex game systems on the river, cycling on the river,… And don’t forget to enjoy delicious Southern specialties such as grilled goby fish with salt and chili, seafood hotpot. , light storage,…
6. Thuy Chau tourist area
Pick up your motorbike and go to Thuy Chau tourist area, you will be surprised with the extremely cool and pleasant air thanks to the conditioning of the gurgling streams. Here you will enjoy a peaceful space, free from the dust and pollution of the city. Bathing in the stream, camping, BBQing and having fun with your group of friends at Thuy Chau tourist area is a memorable holiday for you.

7. Hodota Resort

Continuing to be the hottest April 30 tourist destination near Saigon – Hodota Resort. This location is located near the intersection of Binh Chau – Ho Tram – Ho Coc in Ba Ria – Vung Tau province.
Hodota is a luxury resort, ticket prices are a bit high. However, you will be able to rest and take amazing photos. Coming here, you and your loved ones can enjoy bathing in the cool blue sea water at Suoi O, kayaking, swinging on ropes, riding inflatable boats, resting in wooden tents on the beach,…
8. Long Hai Beach
If your family wants to have a peaceful April 30 holiday together, go to Long Hai beach, Ba Ria Vung Tau province. Long Hai Beach has pure white sand, calm rivers and surrounding green forests. Normally, holidays at Vung Tau beach will be very bustling and crowded, while Long Hai beach, which is more beautiful, is quite sparsely populated. Coming here, you can freely have fun on the beach, swim, camp, and hold a fun BBQ party overnight.
9. Giang Dien Waterfall eco-tourism area
Giang Dien Waterfall is one of the destinations that captivates young people in Saigon. This tourist area is close to Saigon, you can easily travel by motorbike and go back and forth during the day. The main game at Giang Dien Waterfall is bathing at the foot of the waterfall, enjoying the cool water and wonderful relaxation. This April 30th, if you don’t know where to go near Saigon, then go to Giang Dien waterfall.

10. Other eco-tourism areas

Going out on April 30 near the center of Saigon mainly goes to attractive resorts and eco-tourism areas. It is also a place to gather, camp, and relax for the whole family, chosen by many families. In addition to the above destinations, you can also refer to other famous tourist areas such as: Binh My tourist area in Cu Chi District, The BCR eco-tourism area located in District 9, Binh Xuyen tourist area in Nha Be, Binh Quoi Tourist Area,…
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Hopefully the list of hot-trend April 30 holiday destinations that Re.socks has just introduced above will bring useful information to readers. Wishing you and your loved ones an enjoyable holiday season.

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