The trend of green living and environmental protection is becoming increasingly important to us. And to integrate into this trend, Re.socks is proud to introduce to you the School Socks Collection – a sock product with raw materials from Bamboo Cotton fiber – a perfect combination of bamboo fiber and cotton fiber, bringing comfort and coolness even on the hottest days!

Environmentally friendly raw materials

For those who have fallen in love with socks woven from recycled plastic fibers (Recycled Polyester), and have been looking forward to more great socks products from Re.socks, get ready. The School Collection will not disappoint you! Woven from Bamboo Cotton fiber – a fiber that is a harmonious combination of bamboo fiber and cotton fiber, providing a balance between moisture absorption and breathability. This helps keep your socks cool and especially comfortable all day long. You can confidently wear our socks during study and fun activities without worrying about slipping or causing discomfort.

Additionally, by using Bamboo Cotton yarn for our socks, we not only provide maximum comfort for your feet but also contribute to minimizing the use of non-renewable resources, contributes to protecting natural resources and minimizing negative impacts on the environment. The socks are made from soft and stretchy materials, helping to hug the feet and provide comfort all day long. You can confidently wear our socks during study and fun activities without worrying about slipping or causing discomfort.

Each pair of socks is a story about school

Not only meeting the need for comfort, Re.socks’ School Collection also conveys a meaningful story about memorable student times. Those are memories with close friends, being a responsible class president, hours of studying and reviewing diligently to prepare for the exam, and even recesses that teachers often joke about as “the best and second worst”. ghost, third student”… All are colorfully recreated through the lovely socks of the School Collection.

Fashionable design, personality

The pairs in the School Collection have youthful, playful designs, suitable for school ages with lovely motifs such as geometric patterns, cartoon characters, to bright designs with colors. fresh and outstanding. All create a youthful and fun style, expressing your personalization and style.
With 6 diverse color combos such as Side Table, Class Leader, Night Owl, Hoc Ba, Red Star and Physio, each combo carries a unique message, helping you confidently express your own style and personality. Helps you become the center of all attention.
In particular, all of our products are designed and manufactured in Vietnam, meeting high quality standards: GRS, GOTs… to ensure your satisfaction.
With affordable prices from 115k to 195k, students, or anyone looking for a meaningful gift for their loved ones, don’t miss the opportunity to own cute and friendly socks. Environmentally friendly from Re.socks.

Where can you buy it?

Not only beautiful but also high quality, the Hoc Duong Collection promises to be a super hot hit in the near future. Don’t hesitate, quickly own it right here.
Or experience it directly at the deposit points.

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