Recycled Polyester Yarn

What is Recycle Melange yarn?

Polyester fiber from plastic bottles (Recycle Spun Melange) is a recycled product that does not impact nature, contributing to solving the problem of plastic pollution.

Structure and color effects of Recycle Melange yarn

Recycle Melange yarn is made of short fibers, featuring a color effect thanks to the blend of dyed fibers; Meanwhile, other Recycle yarns only come in solid colors.

Recycle Melange yarn is more environmentally friendly thanks to its raw materials, which make full use of recycled plastic bottles, and are highly appreciated by many consumers; While Colored Melange and Gray Melange yarns are made from Cotton or Polyester.

Advantages of Recycle Melange yarn

Environmental friendliness:
– Using used plastic as raw material to create virgin plastic beads and Recycle Melange fibers helps reduce the exploitation and use of new resources; reduce waste into the environment.
– Products from Recycle Melange fibers can be reused for the next cycle, forming a closed life cycle, minimizing impact on the environment.
– The Recycle Melange fiber production process does not require new oil sources, reducing the need for oil exploitation, creating a premise for sustainable development without the need for petrochemicals.
Safe for skin:
– Light, thin, does not cause irritation when in contact with skin.
– Does not cause mold, is resistant to odors, has high color fastness, and good abrasion resistance.
– Achieved GRS certification – global recycling standard, ensuring absolute safety for users.

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