Re.socks: The problem of plastic waste and recycling solutions

The environment today is heavily affected by waste, especially plastic waste. To overcome that, many community organizations have been established to call on people to raise awareness and responsibility for recycling and reusing used plastic. So what has Re.socks done to limit plastic waste and protect the environment? Join us to find out through this article!!


1. Current status of plastic waste

Plastic waste is defined as products made from plastic that are difficult to decompose in the environment and are used, including bottles, plastic bags, old toys, etc.
Every year, according to statistics, the world generates more than 300 million tons of plastic waste, of which 8 million tons of plastic waste is dumped into the ocean. According to a United Nations report, the amount of plastic waste each year is enough to surround the earth four times.
According to research results from the University of Georgia, Vietnam is one of the 20 countries with the most waste, and one of the five countries with the largest amount of plastic waste in the world’s oceans. Every year Vietnam dumps about 1.8 million tons of plastic waste into the sea.
Based on the current level of use, experts believe that more than 13 billion tons of plastic waste will be buried in landfills or dumped into the sea, causing serious environmental pollution.

2. Harmful effects and consequences of plastic waste on the environment

  • Plastic waste is very difficult to decompose in the natural environment. Each type of plastic will have a different decomposition time from several decades to thousands of years. For example, plastic bottles will decompose after 450 – 1000 years, plastic bottle caps and straws will decompose after 100 – 500 years…
  • Animals after eating plastic waste can die, leading to extinction, causing ecological imbalance
  • Plastic waste that is not handled properly will directly affect the air and water environment
  • When burned: plastic waste will produce toxic gases dioxin and furan that pollute the air, cause poisoning, affect the endocrine glands, reduce the immune system, and cause cancer.
  • When buried: plastic waste will make the soil unable to hold water and nutrients, hindering plant growth.
  • Plastic waste causes “white pollution” at tourist destinations, causing loss of aesthetics and affecting people’s rest and relaxation.


It can be seen that the impact of plastic waste is extremely serious, deeply affecting all creatures in our ecosystem. Therefore, many activities have been organized annually to collect plastic waste. Many signs and slogans “classify waste according to regulations” and “recycle and reuse” have increasingly appeared. Many times to remind people to raise awareness and responsibility to protect the environment and the community.


3. Re.socks in the journey of recycling plastic waste, contributing to environmental protection

At Bao Lan Fabric One Member Limited Liability Company, we are proud to research and launch the Re.socks socks product line – recycled socks made from PET plastic that meet GRS global recycling standards (GRS). Global Recycle Standard). Socks are controlled from input materials, production process to final product. This is a voluntary standard demonstrating business responsibility towards the environment and community.
Now, instead of throwing away used plastic bottles that are harmful to the environment, we have given them a new life. For us, socks (socks) are not just a type of clothing to keep our feet warm or an indispensable accessory to go with shoes, but socks (socks) socks) is also a direct way to bring good values to users, society and the environment. In other words, using Re.socks is also a way for you to contribute to recycling and reducing plastic waste in the environment.
The journey of sustainable and ideal development marking Re.socks’ green footsteps is still long and full of challenges. We believe that that journey will always have your companionship and support as you are striving for a greener, cleaner environment every day. By using Re.socks, you have given us great energy to continue our recycling mission of “3 plastic bottles = 1 pair of socks”.
Today’s young generation is me, it’s you, it’s all of us, let’s join hands to act today to contribute to protecting nature, restoring the ecosystem, protecting our own living environment as well as the environment. leaving a sustainable green color for future generations.

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