Re.socks shares tips on cleaning and preserving socks

If you are having problems keeping your socks clean and odor-free, Re.socks shares with you useful tips for cleaning socks!
– Use a sufficient amount of powder or detergent and dilute it when washing socks.
– Sort socks by color before washing to avoid color fading
– For cleaning socks with a washing machine: Use a laundry bag when washing socks with a machine, wash at a temperature not exceeding 60 degrees Celsius, and dry at medium temperature.
– For cleaning socks by hand: dilute soap with water, soak for 15 minutes to remove stains, wash gently, avoid rubbing vigorously to avoid fraying the socks.
– Wash socks regularly to ensure hygiene and avoid odors
– Dry socks in a cool place, avoid direct exposure to sunlight
– Dry away clothes with iron buckles or things that can scratch socks.
– Sprinkle a little baking soda or fragrance on the socks after cleaning to help them smell pleasant
Hopefully Re.socks’ sharing will help you have clean, hygienic socks!

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