Inspiration for the “Tai xinh” Collection

In Vietnam, the amount of plastic waste discharged into the sea ranges from 0.28-0.73 million tons/year, threatening the existence, development and diversity of marine species. Not only that, plastic waste decomposes into microplastic particles mixed in water, seafood, and air, entering the human body, causing serious effects not only on the environment but also on health.


Reducing plastic waste is not only a story of the Government or management agencies and environmental protection organizations, but also a proactive awareness in each of us.

Re.socks pursues the core value of serving the environment and community. Recycled socks are woven from recycled Spun Malange yarn – yarn made from Polyester plastic, by the hands of Vietnamese sock weavers, cherishing the belief that Vietnamese people can turn plastic waste into Really useful things that bring sustainable value to society.
The Tai Xinh collection includes 3 pairs of socks with 3 colors: Black, Dark Gray, Light Gray. These are natural tones of recycled Spun Malange yarn, without dyeing treatment that is harmful to the environment.
So, supporting Re.socks means you support a quality recycled product that brings good value to the environment. Let’s join hands to encourage plastic recycling, contribute to cleaning the ocean, return a healthy living environment to creatures, and to our planet!

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