“Give You Socks” Project Donates 10,000 pairs of socks to send to children in the Northwest

During a business trip to the Northwest mountains, while wearing 3-4 layers of warm clothes to cope with weather below 5 degrees, we encountered small bare feet walking on gravel roads. stone. Their cold, purple feet mixed with cracks inspired us to carry out the project “Give them socks”.

The Northern region is always the place to welcome bone-chilling cold spells at the end of the year. Although we had heard a lot about the weather here, only when we directly “taste” it did we fully understand the biting cold. Looking at the children in this land having to go to school in difficult, deprived, and cold conditions, we hope to be able to contribute to warming their little feet during the cold winter days. end of the year.
Starting in 2011 with the mission of “greening the Vietnamese fashion industry”, Remarkable (starting as Bao Lan Fabric Company) has constantly researched new materials and new solutions to create safe fabrics. Safe for consumers’ health, environmentally friendly, contributing to reducing waste and protecting the ecosystem.
Remarkable’s products are made from sustainable materials – recycled plastic fibers, bamboo fibers and coffee fibers – through a standardized production process to become socks, shirts, and bags with outstanding features and advantages. dominant.
From 2019 – 2022, the Re.socks by Remarkable brand has produced more than 50,000 pairs of daily & sport socks made from sustainable materials and produced in the US, Singapore, and New Zealand. We believe that sustainability will be the trend of the world’s future. Besides producing eco fashion products, Remarkable also has a great ambition to educate about environmental responsibility by changing small habits, while contributing practical values to society. community.
We have organized and participated in many small to large projects, from collecting plastic bottles to exchange socks, exchanging torn socks for healthy socks to fundraising projects for marine conservation with SASA, planting 10,000 trees, and deducting revenue. supporting SOS children’s villages, etc. Although the scale is not really large, these campaigns have initially reached a large number of young people, as well as spreading information related to recycling. sustainable use and consumption habits, while contributing humanistic values to society.
“Giving Children Socks” is a community project that we have cherished for a long time and are very passionate about with the goal of bringing 10,000 pairs of warm socks to children in the Northwest mountains in the first year of implementation. Through activities of collecting plastic bottles to produce new socks, we will bring beautiful socks to children in the Northwest mountains to warm their feet in the cold winter.
Besides, we also hope to be able to cooperate with many companions to bring children not only warm socks but also books, clothes, and food to help keep warm. The weather is cold during the time winter comes – spring comes.
This is a campaign that we have cherished for a long time on the journey of creating value for the community as well as committing to bringing long-term contributions to society. To be able to create 10,000 pairs of socks, Remarkable will have plastic bottle collection stations with the goal of collecting 30,000 – 50,000 for the first season of deployment.
The fixed plastic bottle collection location will operate on all weekends starting September 23 at 5 Dinh Tien Hoang Street, Da Kao, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City.
In addition, partners accompanying Remarkable such as Saigon Xanh and Chu Hoa Bottles also launched mobile collection vehicles. These plastic bottles will be brought into Remarkable’s spinning factory, processed and woven into soft, warm socks sent to the children.
Through this project, we hope that besides giving away lots of beautiful socks, Remarkable can continue to contribute on the journey of educating awareness of protecting the ecosystem through each small habit and minimizing the amount of plastic waste into the environment.
Once again, Remarkable would like to receive a lot of support from you – individuals, organizations, sustainable businesses as well as media units so that this project can reap great success and success. creates many humane and meaningful values

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