After more than a year of research and development of green, sustainable raw materials, in early May 2023, Re.socks launched the School Socks Collection made entirely from Bamboo Cotton fibers. In recent years, Bamboo Cotton yarn has been a popular choice in the sustainable fashion industry, thanks to its ability to combine naturalness and comfort. Are you curious about the process of producing these extremely “cute” socks made from Bamboo Cotton yarn? Join us to explore the production process and find out why Bamboo Cotton socks – School Collection are a great choice for your feet.


1. Sustainable, environmentally friendly raw material sources

Bamboo cotton fiber is a sustainable and environmentally friendly material source produced from bamboo fiber and cotton fiber, this combination creates a material with many outstanding properties.
Bamboo (bamboo) is known for its ability to grow quickly and does not require a lot of water and chemicals during cultivation. It can grow vigorously and reach adult size within just a few years. This helps reduce the negative impact on the environment compared to growing other crops such as cotton, flax or cotton.
The cotton used in Re.socks bamboo cotton yarn is organic cotton, meaning no pesticides and chemical fertilizers are used during the growing process. It is considered more environmentally friendly than regular cotton, as it does not cause soil and water pollution from chemical use.
When combining bamboo fiber and cotton, bamboo cotton fiber has outstanding properties: soft, breathable and has the ability to absorb moisture and sweat well, keeping you comfortable. It is also naturally antibacterial, helping to prevent odors and increase hygiene.
Bamboo cotton fiber is also highly recyclable and has a long lifespan. This helps reduce the amount of waste and resources needed for new production. In addition, if processed and produced properly, bamboo cotton fibers can decompose naturally, without polluting the environment.

2. Modern, energy-saving production process

Step 1: Collect ingredients

The production process begins with collecting bamboo and cotton fibers. Bamboo fiber is taken from bamboo trees, we only use high quality bamboo fibers from sustainably grown bamboo trees. The bamboo plants are carefully planted and cared for to ensure the highest quality of bamboo fiber.
Cotton yarn, taken from the cotton plant, is also carefully collected and selected to ensure quality and softness.
The collection process is carried out with care, ensuring the source of raw materials meets quality and environmental standards.

Step 2: Processing fibers

After collection, bamboo and cotton fibers are processed to remove impurities and create clean, smooth and uniform fibers. This process makes the fiber soft, breathable and comfortable when in contact with the skin.
Bamboo fiber processing: After being collected, bamboo fibers are processed to remove bark and impurities. We use environmentally friendly processing methods to ensure the bamboo fiber achieves the best softness and quality.

Step 3: Pull and spin into yarn

Bamboo fibers are then combined with cotton fibers in the right ratio, then spun into yarn. This combination creates bamboo cotton fiber, bringing breathability, softness and comfort to the user. The spinning and spinning process is performed using modern machinery and technology to create soft, stretchy and breathable fabrics.

Step 4: Weave finished socks

After obtaining yarn from bamboo cotton, it is dyed to create rich and diverse colors.
Next, the dyed yarn will be used to weave finished socks, with motifs and patterns designed with the concept of ‘School’. Beautiful, quality socks were born from there.

Step 5: Check quality and packaging

Finally, each pair of socks undergoes rigorous quality testing to ensure that they meet the highest standards. After careful inspection and packaging, the socks will be packaged and ready to reach consumers.

3. Conclusion

That is the process of producing socks from Bamboo Cotton fiber that we are proud to bring. We believe that the combination of advanced technology and quality materials are important factors in creating quality socks. Bamboo Cotton socks in general and the School Collection in particular are not only a fashion product, but also carry the responsibility of caring for and nurturing your feet.
Explore our new collection and experience comfort and youthful, dynamic fashion today! Let us take the best care of your feet!

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